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Followers! I love you all. It was great talking to all of you in the past. I haven’t been on in forever, though, and have started a new blog. I’ll give out my new personal blog soon, but for now I would like to show you guys my self-help blog. It is currently being redone, so there aren’t any posts,  but check it out!  I’ll check in soon. ♡


Just a short thought…And Question.

Didn’t I start this blog intending to go into perspectives and deep philosophical issues? Right now it’s mostly poetry with some personal things. Should I get back to the core, or stick with my poetry?

Complications surround my life in it’s entirety.

Okay. It has been quite a while. Somehow, I got off track. Not just off track posting wise, but in my whole life. My life has been going down hill lately, and I couldn’t discover a reason as to why this was happening. Just today, I realized it all. It’s my fault- I am Letting it happen. I’m not blaming myself in some bad way, but I know I am guilty of this. I have had the opportunity to change, but for some reason I haven’t taken it. 

Maybe it is time. 

I feel like it is time to change. I’ve been thinking about ‘change’ for quite a  while now, but haven’t really thought about it. I haven’t delved deep.

Why am I using weird words? This grammar probably makes no sense. Excuse me for this. I am keeping this post raw, though. Just gonna let it flow, and keep it unedited. That’s how I like my work. 

Alright. So diving into the change. I realize there are many things I need to change about myself and my lifestyle. Diet, exercise, yadda yadda. Those things are SO important, as I’m becoming unhealthy, but I think the most important thing right now is my mind. I feel like my mind is un-developing itself. I feel like I am in no way as smart or clever as I used to be. So this should be my prime focus.

This is pretty much just me thinking out loud (~typing as I think). So you guys can get a feel for where I am at. Anyway~I can’t focus.

I guess to improve my mind I should start reading more. Writing more. Apparently that is my conclusion. It isn’t really the answer, though. I think I just need to process things more. Like I am doing right now. Writing, actually thinking things through. Though my thoughts are all Jumbled and don’t make the best sense, at least I am thinking things over. I haven’t done much of that lately. 

So that must be my new conclusion. Think. Think about things. Learn about things. Then think more. Think about and process everything that passes by and through me. This should be good for me, I think.


OKAY. On other news. I have other issues! Woo. But they are issues I am solving. As I said at the beginning, I have been going downhill. I have lost myself. Besides things mentioned, I realize there is one very big issue at the middle of it all. It is Love. 

Yes, Love for myself. I looked through a bunch of my old photo albums on my computer. Comparing last year to this year. Last year I seemed so happy- genuinely happy- and proud of myself. This year, I’m just in a slump, with self-hatred all around. I need to start LOVING myself. How did I not realize that this was the problem?

I should probably think more on my own. I have so much in my mind at the moment. But here you go, guys. A bit into my crazy mind. I’ll have more craziness, and hopefully some new real work (poetry, short stories, things) soon. And I promise this time! I’ll be back up soon. 🙂 Take care. Hope you appreciate my jumble, haha. 




I can’t see anything

Hey! I have a few posts coming, maybe pictures and things as well. Why haven’t I posted? So many excuses. My current excuse is that I cannot see. Such dry eyes, eye drops won’t help. My contacts. My head. Constant BLINKING. Oh, dear. Anyway, please excuse any grammar issues and things, as my eyes aren’t working too well. My mind is also a big pile of mush. So yeah! I have a post I’m working on. Hope you guys are still there! 

Comments and such are appreciated once the new posts are up. Thanks, guys. I’ll be checking out your blogs more Soon. 

New posts & Thanks

Hey, everyone! It has been quite a while, but I see I’m still getting views, likes, and comments! I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has stock by me. I’ll have new posts in the next coupe days 🙂 Thanks again.

Civil Rights Should Not Be Privileges


The United States seems to consist of a lot more gay people than most people think. With studies averaging around ten to twenty percent, and polls suggesting that twenty five percent of adults are homosexual, it seems we need to adjust to these terms (Morales). Homosexual people are often discriminated against. Most people do not realize that being gay is not a choice, but determined by genetics and environmental aspects. Gay bullying is a big issue in our culture.

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Using Your Mind and Body to Cope with Anxiety

Whether someone is starting a new job, or they are just walking into their local coffee shop, anxiety is always able to occur. It could arise in any situation and is often present to some extent. Once it gets to a certain point, the anxiety becomes overpowering and hard to manage. It is important to understand anxiety and know how to cope with it. The first thing that must be done is making sure people need to know what it is. The best way to explain anxiety is to identify it as a feeling of worry or stress. It may be worry of how a specific event will ensue, or it may be a fear of an imagined danger. Since anxiety may come around at any point in time, coping skills are becoming vastly necessary. To cope, it is best to use a process which involves realization and de-escalation. Once the process is learned, anybody can become healthier and more proficient at handling their anxiety.


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